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Business Introduction

Wonjin Worldwide co., Ltd., which is specialized in refractory manufacture,
was born as ‘Wangpyo Briquette’,
which began with a briquette and fire pot business in 1967.

As the root of WONJIN, Wonjin Worldwide Co., Ltd. completed a domestic factory for mass production and established a technical research center in 1987. In the early 2000s, it entered the Chinese market for the first time in the industry and completed the vertical systematization of its refractory business.

Wonjin Worldwide Co., Ltd. has been pushing forward its business not only for domestic needs but also for the world stage by having sales corporations in Europe, Japan, and China to become a leading materials enterprise. It has been producing and supplying premium-quality products based on long-term, hands-on experience in many different countries in the world.