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Electric Arc Furnace

Electric arc furnace (EAF) is a facility that melts scrap metals using heat produced from electric arcs. These furnaces are becoming larger and operators are increasing efficiency through Ultra High Power (UHP) operations and blowing extra oxygen. Moreover, there are some technical advancements in the furnace itself such as the use of Direct Current (DC) furnaces or Eccentric Bottom Tapping (EBT) furnaces as well as the use of various types of raw material such as Direct Reduced Iron (DRI) or Hot Briquetted Iron (HBI).
Wonjin has various successful references globally in EAF lining products such as Magnesia-Carbon bricks for EAF’s sidewall, dolomite-based hearth ramming mass and pre-cast delta section.

Steel Ladle

The steel ladle is a typical secondary steel-making facility that has the highest proportion of refractories unit cost for steel makers. Various factors must be considered for ladle lining design such as ladle operation pattern and overall cost. Wonjin Magnesia-Carbon, Alumina-Magnesia-Carbon, Magnesia-Alumina-Carbon, and monolithics products are based on years of experience, research and development efforts, and we will provide the best solution to our customers' various needs.


Sliding gates directly control the flow of molten steel and the refractories require resistance against thermal shock, corrosion and chemical erosion. Our slide gate plates are designed in Alumina-Carbon quality and Alumina-Zirconia-Carbon quality to ensure high performance and stable operations.
Chinese slide gate mechanism specialist, Hebei Tianzhengtaisheng Flow Control System Co. Ltd. is Wonjin exclusive technical partner. Together with Tianzhengtaisheng, Wonjin will provide the highest quality technical support, slide gate refractories and mechanisms at competitive prices.


Ruhrsthal Heraeus (RH) degasser is a facility to remove gas from steel through vacuuming. There are various types of degassing facility other than the RH type such as Dortmund-Horde (DH), Vacuum Degassing (VD), Vacuum Oxygen Decarburization(VOD), Argon Oxygen Decarburization (AOD) and Composition Adjustment by Sealed Oxygen Bubbling (CAS-OB).
The common quality chosen for RH degassers is Magnesia-Chrome and fired dolomite bricks. Recently, Wonjin has proactively recommended internally developed Low-Carbon Magnesia-Carbon bricks and Magnesia-based spray material for repair use.