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Recently, with some exceptions for special quality steel manufacturers, many steel makers have changed from ingot making to continuous casting for productivity and energy saving purposes. For continuous casting, products such as tundish working lining, flow control refractories and hollowware are required.

Wonjin’s continuous casting refractories have the following benefits:
Quality refractories to ensure quality steel products
Safety lining, dam block, dry-resin-based coating mass
Environmentally friendly dry tundish coating material (patented product)
Package available with customized dryer (easy application and lower energy use)
Competitive pricing from optimized production unit

CCN (Continuous Casting Nozzle)

Continuous Casting Nozzle (CCN) is special refractories used between ladle and Tundish or Tundish and Mold to prevent oxidization of the molten steel. Wonjin has an exclusive partnership agreement with a Chinese CCN producer, Oriental Giant Co. Ltd. to supply CCN products such as the ladle shroud nozzle and submerged entry nozzle (SEN).
We recommend different qualities such as Alumina-Carbon, Zirconia-Carbon or Zirconia-Alumina-Carbon according to the operating conditions and applied area. Our rigorous quality check system and experienced technical service team will ensure our customers’ stable operations.


As forging and casting technology moves on to continuous casting, the demand for forging refractories has decreased. However, there is still special demand for quality refractories from our customers that produce customized forged products in large varieties and small quantities or large-sized forged steel products.

Our hollowware products are based on experience and expertise in production know-how. Wonjin thrives to meet our customers' ever-growing needs for customer satisfaction and to maintain our leading position in the Korean hollowware market.

Dual-layer hollowware is a patented product, Wonjin's typical product based on our technology excellence. The inside is coated with Magnesia to significantly improve against erosion and wetness. This product is excellent for preventing Alumina pick-up and thermal shock so that stable operation and clean steel-making can be achieved.