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TRM (Total Refractory Management) Service

Wonjin's TRM service starts with customer's requirement on every refractory related works. TRM service includes design of refractory operation, purchase consulting, installation, monitoring refractory practices together with related steel making operation monitoring. Wonjin is ready to satisfy different needs from customers based on global presences, various experiences and know-how through technical research and developments.

  • -TRM experience 3.0m ton steel plant in Europe.
  • -Several TRM references in Korea.
  • -Various references in refractory installation and monitoring for steel plants as well as other industrial sites.

Wonjin's Partnership Network includes several mine owners and raw material produces in China, Wonjin enforces this integration partnership by JV or Cooperation to supply better competitiveness to customers, Wonjin is not only a stable supplier of refractory products but also a trusted supplier of raw materials.