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The converter or Basic Oxygen Furnace (BOF) is a critical facility used to convert iron into steel for integrated steel plants. Because it has a direct impact on production volume, converter requires continuous process improvement and changes.
Wonjin proposes Magnesia-Carbon bricks with optimal lining design that suits our customers’ operation patterns to ensure operation stability. Our technical knowhow and experience based on the global network is recognized by customers around the world for the continued improvement project proposals to achieve lower unit cost, shorter installation time and maximized synergy.

1. Cone
According to various operating conditions such as installation or de-skulling, Wonjin designs the cone area in horizontal or tapered fashion. This must be able to spread out the stress delivered from the lining evenly and stably. Our unique “Smooth Line” design provides optimal stress distribution and stable operating condition.
2. Tap Hole
The tap hole and lining must be designed to facilitate the smooth flow of molten steel without Stress concentration, Vortex or oxidizing corrosion. Wonjin can design products that can provide solutions to such complex potential damage factors based on experience and technical know-how.
3. Trunnion
Because the trunnion is exposed to mechanical stress while slag coating is difficult to achieve, this complex area requires though study to design precise quality fit for purpose. Our experienced design team can provide the optimal solution.
4. Charging Pad
The charging pad requires resistance against falling molten iron and scrap as well as to maintain balance within the overall lining for thermal expansion. Our charging pads have gained reputation from many customers worldwide for high performance in harsh operating conditions.
5. Knuckle
According to the operating conditions, the knuckle is designed in radial, semi-radial or stadium types. Wonjin has engineering experience and knowhow to design as required per the customer’s operating condition, preference and need.

Blast Furnace

The blast furnace is a facility that produces pig iron from iron ore that contains 50~60% iron content.
There are supplementary facilities such as the checker chamber, the cokes oven, the sintering plant and runners. Wonjin proposes qualities in Mullite, High Alumina and Silicon Carbide. Our monolithics products for runners and recently developed shotcrete products are highly recommended.

Torpedo Car

The torpedo car was utilized as a facility to transfer pig iron in the past. Recently, due to quality and volume increase purposes, certain chemical treatments are carried out in torpedo cars. Because of this, Alumina-Silicon Carbide-Carbon is the most common choice around the world in order to resist erosion and thermal damage.
Wonjin recommends various solutions for different customers’ needs, including pure Alumina and Alumina-Silicon Carbide-Carbon qualities. Our products are already well received by customers in Japan and Europe for quality and performance. We also hold various successful references for lance castable refractories.

Hot Metal Ladle

The hot metal ladle is a facility to transfer iron from a torpe do car to a converter.
Some steel manufacturers perform pre-treatment for the iron for various steel quality products in this ladle.
Wonjin recommends unburned Alumina-Silicon Carbide-Carbon bricks for hot metal adles. Depending on the customer’s needs, we also offer designs with high-fired burned bricks in certain areas.